Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sanctions Busting, SyrianAir acquires A340 passenger jet via Iran



  1. Great Article. I love how you mention the fact that "normal" life continues in Syria. We will see how it all turns out but those jets might be landing in Europe one day. Although I do love your other article this one was my favorite article of yours so far.

  2. unbelievable job. great read

  3. will they turn it into a bomber ? ))

  4. I recall when this was taking place. Great job filling in all the details!

    Further comments:

    - Iran has a history of supporting regional allies in similar manner. Previously, Iran provided an Airbus A300B4-203 to Iraq, also via Mahan Air.

    - If I remember correctly, the wet-leased Airbus A300 mentioned in this post has subsequently been returned to Mahan Air service.

    - Circumstantial evidence points to the use of Iraqi civil carriers ferrying Iraqi PMUs to DAM, during buildup for Battle of Aleppo.

    Somewhat related: Iran Air timetable with Boeing now posits potential deliveries in APR2018. IMO implausible, given upcoming U.S. designation of IRGC as terrorist organization and upcoming OCT2017 unilateral U.S. pullout from JCPOA.

  5. Can you do a article on North Korean paratroops , parashoots , equipment etc.
    I have been wondering for a while if they use unique parashoot designs . the latest photos appear to show parashoots made up of 7 small ones connected together to make one full size one .
    I have also been wondering if their paraglide and free fall shoots may have been made in kaesong korea before or after they took over the South Korean manufacturing facility .

    1. I posted this in the wrong place . I meant this for the blog owner .
      Also when is your book out on NK ?

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