Sunday, 1 November 2015

Temporary suspension of posting

Dear reader,

You might already have noticed a lack of content this month, a situation which unfortunately will continue to perpetuate for some time to come. This is because we're currently fully committed to finishing our book on the North Korean military by the title of The Armed Forces of North Korea, on the path of Songun, which deprives us of most of the time normally spent on writing articles for Oryx Blog. Regular posting is expected to resume a few months into 2016, when most work on the book should be finished. We hope you can understand, and look forward to finally completing the culmination of years of extensive study of the DPRK and its armed forces.

Kind regards,

The authors of Oryx Blog

''North Korea’s Armed Forces: On the path of Songun seeks to bring order and coherence to the chaotic state of affairs in the intelligence community of North Korea-watchers, as well as to disprove the much-echoed stance that there is little to fear from the DPRK by providing information on a plethora of never-before described weapons systems and modernisation programmes.

North Korea’s Armed Forces maps the most important events from the inconclusive ceasefire struck at the end of the Korean War, throughout the Cold War until modern day, and an especially heavy emphasis is placed on the current status of the Korean People's Army by examining their wealth of indigenously designed weaponry. In the course of the book not only will many of the Korean People's Army’s most secret projects and tactics be unveiled, but also new light will be shed on the deadly flare-ups between the North and the South, and novel evidence on tragic incidents such as the Cheonan sinking and Yeongpyeong bombing of 2010 is brought forth. Moreover, an up-to-date, comprehensive listing of the equipment holdings of several branches of the Korean People's Army is included, offering a numerical assessment of its naval and aerial capabilities. From the recently introduced stealth missile boats, ballistic missile submarines and main battle tank families to their often-ignored indigenous aircraft industry, virtually all indigenous weapons systems are discussed extensively.

This exclusive content is illustrated by over forty detailed color artworks and various maps put together through exhaustive research and analysis, as well as around 170 unique images, many of which have never before been seen by the general public. Through scrutiny of satellite footage, the observation of North Korean propaganda outlets and by carefully examining information from the United States Department of Defense, the DPRK's advances in each of the Korean People's Army's respective branches are uncovered. Nearly all of the ’hermit kingdom’s’ military exploits are included and an accurate picture of the North's capabilities in both symmetrical and asymmetrical warfare is provided. This book was written specifically for anyone interested in North Korea's military capabilities or looking to find answers to many questions raised by the minefield of contradictory statements and misinformation that make up current intelligence about this reclusive nation.''

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans


  1. Good luck with your book,and we look forward till you continue posting on Oryx Blog.

  2. I thought you guys went to Syria to fight Russians!��

  3. I seriously missed seeing posts from you about RuAF operations in Syria, the use of cruise missiles, etc. But I understand that the book comes first. The book looks really interesting and I will put it on my buy list when it comes out. And of course, I look forward to reading your posts when they resume. This is one of my favorite blogs and a hiatus won't change that.

  4. Really enjoy your blog shame we wont be getting anymore posts for a while, good luck with the book!

  5. We respect your effort and really looking forward to read your masterpiece. This is one of the best military sites in the world ! My best wishes !

  6. Looking forward to seeing the book, chaps. Best wishes.

  7. When are you coming back? It feels like you've been MIA forever, now.

  8. Question about you me book :

    Are you also writting on the North Korea Air Force or just about its land forces? Thank you :)

  9. Hello Oryx, I have really enjoyed your well written and informed blog, especially your analysis of the wars in the Middle East; when do you expect to return, I'm looking forward to your take on the recent advances of the SAA.

    Also I'm looking forward to your book on the “Hermit State".

    Thank you.