Sunday, 20 September 2015

Yemeni fighting vehicles

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

This list only includes vehicles and equipment in service with Yemeni factions. Vehicles and equipment operated by the United Arab Emirates Army, Royal Saudi Land Force, the Saudi Arabian National Guard or other Coalition partners are not included in this list.

Note that because of the war currently raging in Yemen a lot of military equipment is being destroyed as well as acquired and created, meaning some entries listed here may soon no longer be appropriate. Instead of predicting the composition of the post war armed forces of Yemen, the goal of this list is to comprehensively catalogue the prewar Yemeni military as well as clarify what military equipment is currently available to Yemeni parties on the battlefield.

Civilian trucks towing military trailers are not included in the list.

Last updated on 25-9-2015.



Armoured fighting vehicles


Infantry fighting vehicles


Armoured personnel carriers


Command vehicles

Military engineering vehicles


Tank destroyers

Towed artillery


Self-propelled artillery

Multiple rocket launchers (MRLs)


 Ballistic Missiles


Towed anti-aircraft guns


Self-propelled anti-aircraft guns

Self-propelled SAM systems


Static SAM systems


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

  • RQ-11 Raven (Not yet seen)






Jeeps and MRAPs

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  1. great as usual :) in background of Volvo FH semi with patton on trailer you can see Polish Star 944, so U can add to list ;)

    1. Talk about a keen eye! I don't think we would ever have spotted that. Other available imagery (which we'd misidentified as being of the M1083 FMTV) shows it is the 6x6 STAR 1466, which is of course hard to make out in the tiny image you picked it out from. Since you appear to be very knowledgeable in the area of truck identification, could you help us out with a proper name for what is listed here as the STAR 266? Even though the vehicles in Yemen are largely identical to their Polish counterparts, we could not get an exact match in terms of the grille and "STAR" lettering.

    2. Star 266 was right, the AA version with zu23 in polish army are called Hibneryt but I think It was some DIY mod. And of course you have right there were 1466 instead of 944, even now I see 2nd rear axle :)

  2. They have good military, unlike what I thought . Thanks for the great article

  3. Thought I'd drop a link I found. It's done by some Russians. Anyways it's a tally of destroyed military equipment in Yemen from all sides. From armor to jets and helicopters.

  4. just saw this post today. how did i miss it. awesome as usual

  5. All links down. Pls reupload

    1. We're aware of the problem - a quick workaround for the moment is to replace "org" with "cc" in the image URLs. We'll see to a more satisfactory solution in the near future.

  6. this is some good range of tanks and apc