Monday, 27 April 2015

Libya Dawn going DIY: 2K12 SAMs installed on an Italian Puma 6x6 APC

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

The surprising move by Libya Dawn that resulted in the conversion of several S-125 surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) into surface-to-surface missiles is not the only of its kind in Libya. Indeed, initiated at roughly the same time, Libya Dawn also worked on the conversion of 2K12 SAMs for installment on a more mobile launcher. The first contraption, seen above, combines an Italian produced Puma 6x6 APC with the launch section of a Soviet designed 2K12 SAM system.

The Puma had been part of a batch of at least twenty vehicles donated by Italy to the fledgling Libyan National Army back in 2013, but has now been modified for a wholely different role by its new owners. Replacing the original tracked 2P25 launch vehicle, plenty of modifications are necessary to adapt the Puma 6x6 for its new role.

Although it remains unknown if the 9M39 missiles remain in use in their original role as urface-to-air missiles, or if these missiles have been converted for the surface-to-surface missiles, it is unlikely that this system will have any impact on the Libyan battlefield in either case.

When aimed at protecting Misrata airbase, the main hub of Libya Dawn's Air Force, this 2K12 SAM conversion will undoubtedly scare away any possible aerial intruders. When faced with a real opponent however, it is unlikely that any intruder will be shot down. They do however represent the increasing number of DIY projects in Libya, and are certain not to be the last.

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  1. Libya is becoming a real life Mad Max movie. Insane DYI weapons