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Vehicles and equipment captured and destroyed by the Islamic State inside Iraq until November 2014

This list only includes captured vehicles and equipment of which photo or videographic evidence is available. Therefore, the amount of equipment captured and destroyed by the Islamic State is undoubtedly higher than recorded here. Civilian vehicles such as Toyota Hilux pickup trucks are not included in this list.

Be sure to check out Lost Armour for more recent updates on armour losses inside Syria.

(Click on the numbers to get a picture of each individual captured or destroyed vehicle)

Tanks (35, of which destroyed: 14)


Armoured fighting vehicles (33, of which destroyed: 12)


Infantry fighting vehicles (4, of which destroyed: 3)


Armoured personnel carriers (79, of which destroyed: 23)


Military engineering vehicles (6)


Command vehicles (3, of which destroyed: 3)


Trucks (228, of which destroyed: 23)


Jeeps (648, of which destroyed: 232)


Recoilless rifles (12)


Anti-tank missiles (4)


Towed artillery (12)

Multiple rocket launchers (41


Anti-aircraft guns (110)




Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (4, of which destroyed: 3)

Helicopters (4, of which destroyed: 4)

Aircraft (3)


  1. Vouw Oryx,really!!
    Did you really count and analyse all of the HMWWVs from the photos?
    Congrats man. :)
    Thx for this really detailed analyse.
    And i hope the faulty photo counting percentage is low,so we can assume 85-90% of your counting is correct.
    Keep the good work.

  2. Why do they destroy some of the captured equipments like trucks,jeeps and armoured vehicles which they can use? Can we assume that they've been already sabotaged when they are captured? Or there arent no time to transport these vehicles in the middle of the battle?

    1. Interesting that where ISIL is tactically victorious and in sole possession of the battlefield, captured-intact tanks and other AFVs are deemed liabilities-- in terms of force visibility, logistical requirements and organizational limitations-- to instead be rendered destroyed.

    2. They either lack the capacity or expierence to operate the vehicles or they're captured in hit and run missions in which there's indeed no time to take them away for future use.

  3. Great Work Oryx! Well done!

  4. Awesome report! You are the best. Nothing comes close !

  5. Remarkable work. Very impressive.

  6. Concerning Mi-35M, only one has been shot down on 3rd october. The other one claim by ISIS in June is a fake. The photo (http://s27.postimg.org/iinm0fho3/0_faabe_51480d79_orig.jpg) of the wreckage has been taken in February, it is a Mi-17 shot down. The photos of the paper of a pilot have been taken on him when he was kidnapped on the road to his base. My source are the pilots of Iraqi Army Aviation !

    1. Hi Arnaud,

      The helicopter in question is clearly a Mi-35, just check the landing gear.


  7. Info I have from same sources (IAF) is also the same, but both photos seem of Mi-35/Mi-24 wreckage, probably from different places and times (see also landscape). We should be careful as there are hundreds of pics floating around, not all legit and some probably curde fakes. But work done here is fantastic and should be praised. As I said in the post regarding Syrian captured hardware, we should add all this to weaponry and equipment already in possession of ISIS and its allies and accomplices before the takeover of major bases in both countries.

  8. What about these 10 or so T-64 taken near Kirkuk? Not listed...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIa77o73Yvg&feature=player_embedded

    1. These are Type-69s, all are added in the list.

  9. Right, not T-62. I had to see the video in a mobile phone...

  10. Enlarging, you see the 69's features

  11. What about the alleged 52 M-198 howitzers captured in Iraq (ISF forces say part was destroyed)? And why do you include the 107 mm «Fath» as captured?

    1. 52 is completely incorrect, six is closer to the truth.

      I don't count the Fath als captured, but as operated.

      'Vehicles and equipment captured, operated and destroyed by the Islamic State inside Iraq'

  12. Agree with the idea that the number floated by WSJ and others is exaggerated. Several ISF units in N/NW Iraq were equipped with the M198, but some pieces were retrieved, others destroyed by the Iraqis themselves, and still others taken by Kurdish forces. We have three clips of ISIS using the M198, but no more than three cannons appear in each. If we can declassify these images we will send you for analysis. On the Fath: if you put it as operated, than you are referring to all hardware ISI/IS is supposed to have deployed in Iraq, right? Last but not least: what do you make of alleged sightings of SA-14's - and possibly SA-16 and 18 - in the hands of IS fighters?

  13. Hello Oryx,

    great work, but the MILAN ATGM is empty.
    This is just a useless leftover after firing.

    It misses the starting battery between the two bolty things on top, and also the anti-dust-membrane on the front.

    If you look close, you can also see the burned and cut cables at the left.

    Best regards from Germany


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