Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Iranian fighting vehicles

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

(Click on the equipment to get a picture of them in Iranian service)


- If several configurations of a vehicle with one designation are known, they are added as such.

- The part within the apostrophes refers to other designations or an unofficial designation, such as the US DoD M-xxxx designation system (referring to the first year the system was identified).

- To avoid confusion over the names of certain SAM systems, names of the missiles used on these SAM systems are sometimes included in this list. The Taer-2A, 2B and 2C missiles listed have been identified and confirmed to be in use on the specific launcher also listed. The Taer missile family is believed to be interchangeable on all of the launchers in Iranian service. 

- Vehicles captured during the Iran-Iraq war and subsequently only used for a short period of time are not included in this list.

- Civilian trucks towing military trailers are not included in the list. 

- Although listed, none of the weaponry seen on Iran's UAV fleet are believed to be working or operational in any shape.

- TEL = Transporter Erector Launcher

- TELAR = Transporter Erector Launcher and Radar

- Last updated on 1-10-2015.




Armoured fighting vehicles


Infantry fighting vehicles


Armoured personnel carriers


Military engineering vehicles


Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)

Command vehicles


Heavy mortars


Self-propelled mortars


Tank Destroyers


Towed Artillery


Self-propelled artillery


Multiple Rocket Launchers


Towed anti-aircraft guns


Self-propelled anti-aircraft guns


Static SAM systems


Self-propelled SAM systems


Artillery Rockets


Ballistic Missiles


Cruise Missiles


Coastal Defence Systems


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)


Radars and Sensors




Jeeps and Vans

Special thanks to Iran Military Forum, Pakistan Defence Forum,, Norbert Brügge, The Arkenstone, Azim, Farzam and PeeD.

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  1. Wow awesome work!!

  2. That BTR-82 is not a BTR-82. It's a BTR-60 carrying a ZU-23-2, with what looks like a camera on top. Google what a BTR-82 is.

    1. That's because it's indeed not the Russian BTR-82 (note the lack of a Russian flag in front of the entry), but rather the Iranian BTR-60 upgrade named after the year of its inception: 1382 on the Persian calendar.

  3. Wow, that looked like a lot of work! Very interesting, keep it up :)

  4. another picture of diomil tondar truck with generator can be found here:

  5. I am really really impressed!!! a very good job to you.

    Just wanted to point some things:
    The system that you categorized under ''Infrared and optical sensor (4)'' belongs to Talash2 and it is the same as ''Unknown radar (2)'' here is a better pic of it:

    Also there was a vehicle which is not in your list, I have seen it in 1390 parade(I think) here is a pic of it

    If i remember anything else I let you know

    And do you know what truck Bavar-373 radar uses?

    1. Many thanks! I've updated the list.

      No idea on the truck carrying the Bavar 373's radar. It has its own place in the truck section under 'Unknown truck (5)' for now.

    2. You're welcome.

      Just a few corrections, the first pic published under the name'' Shahid 'Sheni-Dar''' is actually ''Shahid Etebari'' project, it is written in persian on it, and ''Sheni dar'' means ''tracked'' in Persian so it is not a shahid.

      The ''Hog'' air defense system is a mispronunciation of MIM-23 ''Hawk''!!!

      There was also a project regarding the mobilization of Rapier that had an interesting truck.

      Better pic of Keyhan radar and etc here:

      Better pics of ''Unknown Fast Attack Vehicle (3)''

      MAZ-543 in Tabriz

      Here is another radar recently seen which I think it was called ''Khatam'' radar.

      Also ''Tabas-1'' which were recently seen were armed with ''Taer-2C'', the Tabas that was previously seen was armed with Taer-2B.

      Do you know when and where the pic below was seen?

      Keep up the good work.

    3. Correction the Tabas-1 previously used Taer-2A but it is now using Taer-2C(طائر 2س), alam al hoda too uses Taer-2C.

    4. Thanks again. The list has been updated again and you've been added to the 'Special thanks list'.

      I have no information on the 'Unknown anti-aircraft gun'. It's all quite dodgy.

  6. I guess most likely it's not 122mm gun D-74 \ Type 60, but 130 mm Type 59-1 as Iran has bought large amounts of these guns during the war with Iraq.
    Type 59-1 in fact it's a Type 60 (D-74) that was brought up to 130mm calibre. Therefore, these guns are very hard to distinguish from each other, but the Type 59-1 was produced and exported in much larger quantities
    Type 59-1 in China for examples

  7. The unknown AAA is a Greek model with German help. It was shown by Greeks in a early 2000 Iranian arms exhibition and thought to be Iranian because no other info was given.

  8. Some points:

    Unknown radar 5 is the fire control radar of the Raad/SA-6. It retains the illumination radar but uses thermal imaging system as replacement for the obsolete SA-6 search radar, together with upper tier surveillance radar input.

    Unknown radar 4 is it's upgraded variant for the truck mounted Raad-2 system.

    Unknown radar 8 is the german superfledermaus, sold together with 35mm AAA systems.

    Unknown radar 9 is the Bashir radar for the Raad system.

    Unknown radar 10 is a civilian PAR, precision approach radar made by Iran.

    Unknown radar 11 is a velocity measuring radar for weapon tests.

    Unknown radar 12 is based on Vostok-E and Nebo technology.

    Unknown radar 13 is the IFF array of the SA-5's tall king radar system.

    Unknown radar 15 is a towed troposcatter communication system antenna.

    The blindfire radar can be frequently seen on parades together with the Rapier system.

    "Radar and optical sensor (1) (For the Samavat and Ya Zahra-3)" is ether a known chinese system or a Iranian version of it. The chinese use it together with their ZSU-23-2 copy and offer it for export as Skyguard equivalent.

    Melli is the national radar made by Khatam ol Anbia/IRIADF. It's a AN/TPS-43 variant and you photo of the AN/TPS-43 is actually a Radar e Melli.

    Good list!


    1. Many thanks! You've been added to the 'Special thanks list'.

    2. Unknown radar 3 is named Hafez

  9. Any updates to this brilliant list?