Monday, 18 August 2014

Kh-29 air-to-surface missiles used as unguided rockets in Libya

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

In a series of photos coming out of Tripoli, Libya, it appears Libya Dawn is now using highly sophisticated guided missile weaponry in the ground-to-ground role. The missile used was taken from a weapon depot near Ghardabiya airbase, near Sirte. The missile, a Kh-29T, normally uses TV-guidance to reach its intended target. In Libyan service, the Kh-29T was solely used on the Su-24 delivered from the Soviet Union in the late 80s.

In the early stages of the Libyan Civil War, 1124 Squadron flew a number of sorties with the remaining two operational Su-24MKs against National Liberation Army positions near Ra's Lanuf. In the course of these operations, one Su-24MK was brought down. The sole operational Su-24MK and the two non-operational Su-24MKs were subsequently destroyed by NATO air strikes at Ghardabiya airbase.

The weaponry once bought to be used by these Su-24s was now useless as no other aircraft in Libyan inventory was capable of carrying these weapons. This left sophisticated KAB-1500 laser-guided bombs, Kh-25, Kh-29L and Kh-29T air-to-surface missiles without operator.

It now appears efforts have been made to make some of this weaponry usable again, albeit not in their intentional role. The Kh-29T depicted in the launch photos had its fins and ailerons at the front and back removed for a somewhat more stable flight path in the unguided ground-to-ground role. The size of the warhead was obviously the reason these missiles are now used in their new role, packing a 320 kilogram heavy warhead.

More launches of such sophisticated missiles can be expected as Libya Dawn is in the possession of a large stock of missiles and already conducted several similar launches.

Special thanks to Khaled Ben Alewa.


  1. Thats crazy stupid, how much one cost? 20 000? 100 000? More? If these terrorist assholes had a half a brain, they would try to sell / swap them to somebody that could use them (Iran, Syria, Sudan.. Angola... North Korea.. governments that are bit "challenged" in their efforts to aquire new weapons..), get Grad launchers shit ton of rockets and still be left with healthy ammount of pocket change.

  2. luckily they are crazy stupid

  3. Well, that is a matter of perspective tho, i would rather see weapons like this being used by SAAF, dropping them on the MF:n ISIS, than be wasted like this in Libyan internal feuds.

  4. Misurata development of the weapon and activate known for a long time and all of this talk Libya Islamists knew of the Iraq war and why to say of Shi for the Jews in Palestine and whether the development of weapons is permissible for them and forbidden to Muslims.?

  5. Misrata pawn Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of evil and they burned everything to gain power

  6. I live in Libya precisely in Tripoli, and I find the above information is a bite unreal because :
    1. All Libyans are Muslims and no one can claim that Islamists are using a sort of weapons against another party.
    2. The conflict is between rebels and Ghadafi's left forces, they re-gathered themselfes and they are fighting to control both Tripoli and Benghazi cities with the support of a political party.
    3. The report above uses "Isalamists" vocabolary to give readers the impression that rebels are tererists.
    4. "Ghadafi's regime" party started this internal fight because all of its leaders are suspended from practicing high position in the state of Libya for te next 10 years by so called "old regime isolation law".

    1. Misurata Militias want to gain power and money by force, they have no existing in the democratic system. they just bunch of ignorant running after money, idiots.

    2. I live in Tripoli too and find the information quite real unfortunately. These people are indeed terrorists, but are not Muslims. As Muslims would not kill and bombard each other during Ramadan. The conflict is between terrorist warlords and their supporting Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood affiliated parties whom, as a result of being downright rejected as a whole during the both the constitution and house of representatives elections, turned to violence and terrorism.

      The ironic thing is that once upon a time they were lauding the democratic process, and now after losing out, have started to lean more towards extremist, and ignorant ideologies that vilify democracy and deem anyone supporting it as an apostate. Saying that the so-called "real revolutionaries" should rule regardless of what the majority of Libyans think where a prominent Islamist-leaning party member stated that only 30% of Libyans fought against Gaddafi, so when it comes to democracy we will ultimately lose, thus we must escalate the fight, which is what you see right now.....

      Either these people get together and talk with the other side for the future of our nation and respect the democratic process, or they should pay the price of being alienated and vilified by Libyans and the international community as a whole, which has already happened in Libya as no way in hell would anyone accept these warlords and parties ever again after what they did to Tripoli in the name of their twisted ideologies and imported agendas.

    3. We have had the old regime isolation law for what? three years now and, what has it brought us?!?!?! The country has been in a state of war ever since 2011, and there is no way things would go back to normal any time soon.