Sunday, 5 January 2014

Syria's recently upgraded Su-24s (2)

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

Additional evidence of Syrian Su-24s being upgraded in Rzhev has come available. Ironically, the evidence was published on the 514 ARZ aircraft repair plant's own website. This plant is responsible for upgrading the planes from MK to M2 standard. More details about the Syrian Su-24s undergoing this upgrade can be found here.

The photo seen above shows personnel of the 514 ARZ plant working on Su-24 serial 3506. Su-24 3506 is one of the twenty-one Syrian Su-24MKs being upgraded by the repair plant in Rzhev.

UPDATE: 514 ARZ removed the picture from her website. (10-1-2014)
514 ARZ also removed the direct link. (13-1-2014)

Yet, the author still has printscreens of the site while showing the Syrian Su-24.

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  1. Interesting reading your posts.I hope for more in 2014.But nothing ironic in a factory promoting/marketing their products/Services,including its Syrian customer.

    1. Thanks, more posts will follow. You can be sure of that ;)

      It is ironic since the deal was supposed to be a secret.