Friday, 21 June 2013

The HJ-8, a new weapon on the Syrian battlefield

This video shows a guided anti-tank missile being fired at a target inside Mennegh airbase.

The missile seen in the video is the Chinese designed HJ-8. The HJ-8 is a second generation tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missile system armed with a HEAT anti-tank warhead. It was originally developed by NORINCO and is in service with the People's Liberation Army since the late 80's. Pakistan produces this missile system under licence as the Baktar-Shikan. The HJ-8 is able to defeat explosive reactive armour (ERA). The HJ-8 is the Chinese equivalent of the American BGM-71 TOW, and of the Franco-German MILAN and HOT anti-tank missiles.

The HJ-8 is also in service with the Sudanese Armed Forces. Sudan was previously linked with supplying the FN-6 MANPADS and the M99s also seen in service with the Free Syrian Army. We can safely assume these HJ-8s are also delivered from Sudan, paid for by gulf states, thus confirming that the missiles in Syria are from the Chinese production line.

The weapons were indeed supplied by Qatar according to the New York Times. Click here for the article. A HJ-8 operated by Sudan can be seen below.

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    Here you can see the use of this system in Bosnia, around the city of Doboj, supplied by Pakistan.

    From 08.40 min.


    Better video with more firings from the same users.

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