Monday, 25 February 2013

Syrian fighting vehicles

(Click on the equipment to get a picture from them in Syrian service)



Infantry fighting vehicles


Armoured personnel carriers


Armoured fighting vehicles


Armoured recovery vehicles


Command vehicles


Anti-tank Guns


Towed Artillery

Towed Mortars


Self-propelled artillery


Multiple Rocket Launchers


Ballistic Missiles




Towed Anti-Aircraft guns


Self-propelled anti-aircraft guns


Self-propelled SAM systems


Static SAM systems


Coastal Defence systems


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)






Jeeps and Vans

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  1. NIce overview! Note that your "T-72 TURMS-T" is a T-72M1 TURMS-T. However at least one T-72 (with optical rangefinder) with TURMS-T has also been observed.

    1. Thank you!

      Do you have a photo of the standard T-72 with the TURMS-T? Or is it included here?:

      Thanks in advance.

    2. I happen to have such a photo :)

      Here it is:

      BTW, what's the source for data on SAA vehicle losses you have cited on Your own analysis?

    3. Thanks!

      I got the list from a trusted forum. Apparently, there are some people with too much spare time. They did the counting, not me ;)

    4. Oh, I see. And have you ever heard of

      He's a Russian blogger (to be precise - he is Ukrainian, but his blog is in Russian) who is keeping a count of all SAA vehicle losses confirmed by photos and/or videos. Here are his latest figures, current as of 30 April 2013:

      There are 402 tanks, 365 BMPs, 32 Shilkas and 14 Gvozdikas = 813 vehicles (+ 115 more BTRs, BRDMs, Shorland armored cars etc.) in his list, but this figure covers the whole war. If we subtract 57 vehicles he counts as lost before May 2012, 813 - 57 = 756 vehicles, almost a perfect match with your figures. I almost thought that you were quoting him at first, but he doesn't provide a breakdown into destroyed and captured vehicles, and figures on specific vehicle types don't match that closely, so that must be some other source.

      So it seems that different people completely unaware of one another, but using the same technique came up with nearly identical results? I think that's just amazing.

      Could you give me a link to that forum of yours? I'll show it to iltg2009, he certainly will be interested in a research so similar to his own.

    5. The forum is

      You have to make an account in order to join though. But I don't know if the guy where I got the list from made it himself, he is just posting it from time to time.


      PS: here is a slightly sharper screenshot of the AT-4 missile passing the tank:

  2. Thanks, I've already been told that has an interesting section on Syrian civil war, looks like it is really worth registering.

    Your screenshot is indeed a little sharper than mine :) As for the ID on the missile - I've updated my post. T-55 roadwheel diameter = 810 mm, AT-4 missile length = 863 mm, AT-5 =~ 1 meter. The missile in the screenshot is ~ 1.3 times longer than the diameter of the nearest roadwheel. So either the missile missed wildly to the right of the tank (and some people in the comments are telling me that this indeed is the case, but I'm not convinced), or the ATGM is an AT-5.

  3. How many T72 is upgraded on AV standard, and T55 on AM/AMV standard ?

    1. All the T-72A's and around 75% of the T-55AM's were upgraded to V standard. Unfortunately, I don't have the exact numbers.